Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 Useful Links for Students

Here are some of my favorite sites for making student life a little easier. - This site is perfect for anyone taking a class on anything. You can manage an assignment calendar, take notes, get reminders, and more! - This great to-do list manager also lets you group tasks into projects and share lists with others. - This tool helps you share interesting links across a variety of social bookmarking sites. You can pass along resources for a project, or just share some funny videos on a study-break. - This is the best site out there for getting fast food delivered to your door. Put in your school name and you'll get a list of restaurants nearby that deliver. Plus, you can order online and get special discounts!! - Planning to study abroad or trying to ace a language class? This site is a fun, social way to practice your new language as well as share what you know with others.

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  1. is another great site for students looking to find out more about interning at companies.