Monday, January 26, 2009

Have a Healthy Super Bowl

The Big Game is less than a week away, and many of you are probably planning to celebrate this annual football fiesta with friends, drinks, and game-day foods. Unfortunately, traditional Super Bowl grub is horrible for your waistline. Before you dive into delivery hot-wings or a jumbo sub, check out some of these ideas for a lighter, healthy party that still has that full game-time flavor.

Tips for Buying

Healthiest Potato Chips - Try Pop Chips, they have no saturated fat! Another great option are Ruffles Light chips. They are fat-free, but contain more artificial ingredients.

The Best Tortilla Chips - Try Guiltless Gourmet's line of tortilla chips for a healthier option.

Better Jerky - Jack Link's makes 100-calorie beef jerky packs.

Veggie Platter - Sure, it's not meaty or greasy, but its a great extra-healthy option to have on hand.

Friendly Fries - Get some frozen sweet potato fries, like these, they are much better than the greasy regular kind and just as yummy.

Tips for Baking

Pudgeless Pigs - Love pigs in a blanket? Try this healthy recipe.

Serve Salsa - This recipe has only 35 calories in half a cup!

Bake up Chips - This site has recipes for healthy potato and tortilla chips. It's super-easy to make your own!

Create Kebabs - Grilled shrimp and chicken on kebabs are a great game-time snack. Add vegetables to make it healthier and serve with a light dip.

Wing it - Check out this recipe for healthy buffalo wings.

Pop it Yourself - A cheap popcorn popper and some kernals is all you need to make healthy popcorn at home. Want some more flavor? Add some of your favorite seasonings (ex. chili powder, garlic powder, cinnamon, etc.) or a few sprays of a butter substitute (like "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter).


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  2. Great tips for eating healthy at the Super Bowl. I will try some of these items because I am a big believer in eating healthy.