Friday, March 6, 2009

A MySpace Credit Card?

There are a lot of credit cards available, and most come with some sort of incentive or reward. From points to airline miles to cash back, you can truly find it all. Who would have imagined, though, that your credit card could come with MySpace incentives?

Well, Citibank imagined just that. Its new MySpace-themed wallet accessory (called Citi FOWARD) offers rewards like music downloads and access to special events. It also provides discounts, although few specifics regarding what kind are offered on their site.

MySpace card users earn points for purchases related to pop-culture (like music, DVDs, and books). They can also earn credit for good credit behavior and by performing acts of community service.

One great feature about the MySpace card is its attempt to teach young people good spending habits. If you pay your bill on time and stay under your credit limit, you can reduce your APR. Plus, good habits earn you 100 bonus points each billing cycle.

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