Friday, December 26, 2008

Five Useful Courses You May Overlook

Are you considering taking any college / university courses this coming spring semester? If so, you probably want something that will earn you credit towards a degree program. However, there are a lot of courses that can greatly benefit you even if they don't fit with your studies (or even if you are out of school entirely). Here are some ideas of courses you may want to consider if you have some extra time.

1. Public Speaking - No matter what you do for a living, you probably need to interact with other people on a regular basis. This class will not only help you feel more comfortable in presentations, it can also teach you to think on your feet during day to day conversation. Another similar option is interpersonal communication, which some schools also offer.

2. Creative Writing - Unleash your creativity, express yourself, and improve your written communication skills all in one class. Plus, creative writing is generally more fun and interesting than an academic writing course.

3. Stress Management - I can speak from personal experience about the benefits of this class. By enrolling in this one, you can learn all about what causes stress in your life and how to effectively overcome it. Plus, this course will open your eyes about the dangers of a stressful life and how you can help others deal with their own stress.

4. Physical Education - Your school may not have a dedicated "physical education" course. However, it does probably offer some classes on specific activities. I have a friend who tried fencing and another who took a class on bowling! What a great way to learn a new hobby.

5. World Cultures - An introductory course to the different cultures that make up our globe can be a real eye-opener. Ideally, you should walk away with a better understanding of the people you may encounter throughout your life.

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