Thursday, December 25, 2008

Find a Fellowship: Part I - Graduate Programs

A fellowship program is a great way to advance your career and save you money. There are two types of fellowships that are particularly appealing to you as a young professional. First, there are graduate fellowships. Graduate fellowships provide funding for students pursuing a post-undergraduate degree. Meanwhile, fellowship programs provide experience in your chosen field while granting a stipend or salary for your work. For today's article, we'll just focus on graduate fellowships.

Graduate fellowships range from basic scholarships to comprehensive research programs. These grants can be either portable or institution-based. Portable grants are usually issued by government or private organizations. They give you funding, materials, etc. while allowing you to choose where you pursue your graduate degree. In contrast, institution-based fellowships require you to work at a specific university for the duration of your program. These do not provide you with the same flexibility, but are still a great choice if you wre already planning on attending a specific school.

Graduate fellowships are awarded for a variety of reasons. Some are based on financial need, others focus on academic merit, and still others are awarded to candidates who met unique requirements. The application process for a fellowship can be extensive. However, the payoff is usually well worth it. In ideal scenarios, you can have your entire graduate degree funded. However, most fellowships only cover a fraction of costs for a specified period.

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