Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ace Your Interview

Ready for your next job interview? You may think all it takes is a good suit and a neat resume, but there is a lot more to acing an interview than just that. In fact, having a successful interview starts long before you ever meet with your potential employer. You need to do research, plan ahead, and be confident when you arrive. Here are the key interview steps from this great article.

1. Research your prospective employer - this includes their mission, organization, and industry data.

2. Prepare for tough questions - look up some potential interview questions and examples of top answers. You may even want to practice answering some of the hardest with a friend.

3. Plan your travel route - get clear directions and take a practice run, if possible, to ensure you do not get lost and arrive late on interview day.

4. Dress for success - Wear a clean, professional outfit and keep any extras (like jewelry and makeup) to a minimum.

5. Be confident and honest - that's what employers look for most during an interview.

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