Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Find a Job

Finding a job is basically a necessity. After all, we all need money to survive. However, most of us don’t just want any job – we want the perfect job. That’s right, the one with the best pay, benefits, atmosphere, and schedule for our lifestyles. So, where do you start the search for your ideal position? Here are the top ways to find a job fast!

The internet
Of course, most people today start their job search on the web. There are literally thousands of sites for searching jobs. So, don’t just stick to the big names like and Also take a look at sites like (see the search tool on the right sidebar). Indeed works by pulling job info from dozens of other job sites. Another great option is, which focuses on non-profit sector jobs. You should also checkout industry-specific search engines for your chosen field, for government work, and any online career tools your college / university may offer. Finally, if you know where you want to work, go directly to the company webpage. They frequently post all positions there and you may even be able to apply online.

Ask everyone you know (politely) if they can think of any open positions. This includes friends, relatives, professors, former co-workers – whoever you think can help. Also, try getting info from people on social networking sites like LinkedIn. Once the word is out that you are looking, someone is bound to have a suggestion. Plus, it helps if someone can put in a good word for you before an interview.

Attend Job Fairs
The best job fairs will probably be those hosted by your college / university. If you are not currently in school, though, it may seem there are no job fair options. However, many local towns host regular fairs. You can also check out for listings of other opportunities.

Employment Agencies
These don’t always work out, but they can be a great option if you are having trouble. Agencies need to fill positions at the companies they work with. So, you are guaranteed to at least have access to some open spots. In fact, some companies hire exclusively though an agency. Need to find a recruiter? Check out this directory.

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