Thursday, June 27, 2013

Save Money on Laundry

Laundry is just one of life’s little necessities.  For most of us, it’s become so routine that we don’t even think about the money we might be wasting on this common chore.  Here are a few ways you can save some money and still have a clean wardrobe

Use Less Detergent – Yes, the directions do say to fill it up to the line.  However, unless your clothes are SUPER dirty, you will never need that much detergent.  Use a little less, and over time the savings could really add up.  I sometimes only use half of what is recommended, and my clothes still come out just fine.

Wash Cold – You can save a good chunk of change on your heating bill by using cold water to wash your clothes.  Some detergents are even designed to get clothes clean in a cold wash, which can help ensure your clothes are just as clean without the heat.  As an added bonus, there’s less chance of shrinkage or color running in a cold wash.

Use Less Water – Some machines are more efficient than others, but all models should come with a “delicate” option.  By washing even your thicker clothes on the delicate cycle, you will use less water and your load will be done a little quicker.  Keep in mind, though, that heavy dirt / stains may not come out in this cycle. 

Line Dry – Letting clothes dry naturally in the air saves you on your electric bill.  Some clothes actually need to be dried this way to prevent damage, while others may seem too stiff and/or wrinkled without the dry.  Another option is to air dry clothes 90% of the way and then set them to a low tumble to soften them up and reduce wrinkles. 

Soften for Less – Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are expensive and often made with unsavory chemicals.  You can use white vinegar instead of liquid softener, or invest in a dryer ball for a couple of dollars to reduce static / firmness.  The dryer balls are reusable and will last quite a while.  Just be careful not to puncture them.  I had one deflate on me and it obviously did not work to its full potential.  

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