Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 Best Apps for Renters

cPro - Save time and find great bargains by using CraigsPro to quicklly find items you're interested in on Craigslist.  You can search multiple locations simultaneously and get alerts when products you warnt are posted.

Zillow - One of the many apps for real estate searching, Zillow stands out for its vast collection of both rental and purchase properties.  It is a great way to find a new apartment or start your search for a place to own.

Yelp - A top pick for finding suggestions and reviews of places to go.  From finding the best Thai food to getting a haircut, Yelp's wide user base means you are bound to find top suggestions near your place.

RentHackr - If you're worried you pay too much for rent, or are looking for a better deal, this app can help. It shows you rent prices for comparable apartments in your area.

SpotMe - This app helps split bills for roommates (and anyone else who regularly shares money).  You can split a payment several ways, see who owes money, lend cash, and more.

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