Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Turn Your Hobby into a Job

Everyone has something they are passionate about. Whether it is biking, reading, or collecting stamps, we all have hobbies. Turning your hobby into a job is a great way to multitask having fun with making money. While not all hobbies can become full-time careers, many offer ways to earn extra spending cash part-time. Here are five hobbies that can make you money:

If you’re passionate about hiking…

You can look into a full-time job as a park ranger. Park rangers have a wide range of duties from conservation to fire prevention to community education. Becoming a ranger usually requires formal training, but requirements vary depending on the size and status of the park. Rangers can be hired seasonally or year-round and may receive free housing on park grounds.

Another way to turn a hiking hobby into a job is to work as a counselor, educator, or trail guide at a camp or park. The level of job intensity for this can range from leading nature hikes to supervising overnight backpacking trips. Jobs of this nature are also available through companies that organize public and private hiking groups.

From time to time environmental groups need people to survey or maintain trails. This means you earn cash just for taking a hike and making simple observations. You can also use your hiking experiences to contribute to hiking guides that may offer money for quality writing.

If you’re a gamer…

Programming your own game may be beyond the abilities of most hobbyist gamers, but there are other ways to earn cash from this hobby. Being an expert gamer means you are capable of writing quality guides. Whether these are published on a blog (with ad revenue) or submitted for publication, this can be a fun way to make some extra cash.

Another option is to become a beta tester for game companies. This often requires a presence in the gaming industry. In other words, you need to have an active voice in major forums and attend conventions. This type of networking can also land creative authors a job writing the storylines for video games.

If you’re a movie buff…

Sure, you could go to film school, but if you’re looking for a quicker way to make this hobby your job, there are some other great options out there. As with any hobby, you can always earn some extra cash by starting a blog. Publishing some great content online can open the door to other publishing opportunities. You may even be able to become a movie critic , whether for a local paper or a national publication.

If you’re obsessed with music…

There are several options for part-time music jobs even if you don’t plan to become a professional musician. Craigslist often lists openings for musicians to play gigs. You can also join a local community band / orchestra that plays small shows and parties, or look into pit orchestras at a nearby theater.

For those interested in listening to music but who don’t actually play, there are still ways to make some cash from your hobby. Craigslist and similar sites offer short-term work as promoters for musical events. You can also look into becoming a DJ or local radio host.

If you’re a foodie…

Who doesn’t love to eat? One great way to make money while chowing down on some delicious foods is to become a taste tester. Many major food corporations seek out testers to help them with quality control and product development. You can also start a blog, and potentially get hired by a local publication, to write food reviews. If your hobby extends to baking, consider selling your own treats or publishing a cookbook. You can also offer cooking lessons or be trained as a chef / pastry artist.

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