Sunday, July 11, 2010

Play Games for Charity

Looking for a quick break at work?  Need a short respite from studying?  Before you spend another minute harvesting your Farmville crops, consider these online games that donate money to charity.  Not only will you get your break, and possibly learn something new, but you will also be helping to save the world one click at a time!


This crossword-style game stands out among other charity games because it lets you choose your cause from five worthy charities.  Donations come from supporters who in turn get ads on the site.  As you play the word game, the skill level adjusts to become harder or easier.  There are 100 difficulty levels to read, so the game is great for continued playing. 


FreeRice is a vocabulary game that provides rice to the UN World Food Programme for every correct answer you get.  Like Charitii, the levels change as you answer questions right or wrong.  You can also choose specific subjects for vocabulary, like geography or chemistry, and even change the language.  This makes FreeRice great for anyone who needs to brush up on their German or practice for the GRE.   To date, FreeRice has donated more than 80 billion grains of rice around the world.


FreePoverty is a geography game that asks you to locate important places on a world map.  The closer you are to the correct location, the greater the donation made.  At FreePoverty, donations are in the form of clean water to countries in need.

Games That Give

Games That Give is sponsored by several well-known companies including Pepsi, Dominos, Starbucks, and Quaker.  The site features more than 25 popular flash games, most of which you will recognize. For each game of blackjack, snake, sudoku, crazy taxi, etc., the site donates money to the charity of your choice.  All of the charities are fairly well known and include UNICEF, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, and the American Heart Association.  Signing up for an account allows you to track your donations and gain a place on the leaderboard.

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