Friday, July 2, 2010

Get a Deal a Day

Woot!, one of the most famous Deal-a-Day sites was just bought by the online retail supergiant This fun article from Mashable got me thinking about the other deal-a-day options out there.

For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, many sites on the web offer consumers special offers with a “one deal per day” promotion. While such sites aim to entice impulse buyers, they can also be great places to find bargains…as long as you remember to only buy stuff you will actually use. Here are some of the best Deal-a-Day sites:

Woot! – The site that prompted this post offers random discounted products daily (often electronics). There are also spinoff sites from Woot! Showcasing wine, t-shirts, and children’s products.

Yugster – Yugster offers a limited number of a special discount item each day. Like Woot!, there are also special category deals like a daily watch and products that remain on the site until they sell out, whether they last an hour or a week.

Tanga – Like Woot! and Yugster, this site offers a deal a day in several different categories. One unique category is Tanga’s magazine daily deal, which offers discounted subscriptions. Also, Tanga’s t-shirt deals tend to be cheaper than Woot!. A major selling point of Tanga, though, is that is has a nice community as well. You can play games on the site, participate in discussion forums, add friends, and track other users’ activities. – Online retail giant Amazon offers daily deals in all categories including  music, DVDs,and electronics.

Giveaway of the Day – This site offers a different free software title for download each day. Products offered are generally not available for free elsewhere and range from games to web editors to security tools.

Game Du Jour – This site offers a new PC game for a low price each day. You can download a free trial before you buy too!

Jewelry DOD – This site, as you probably figured out, has daily jewelry deals. When I wrote this, they had amethyst earrings for nearly 90% off.

Deal of the Day Tracker – This site is great at aggregating daily deals from all across the web. The product selection can be a bit overwhelming, but it saves you from having to check each deal website individually.

TodaysDOD – Siilar to Deal of the Day Tracker, this site has great visuals of all the products offered as well as user ratings of the products.


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  2. There are a many more great deal of the day sites out there besides for Woot, Yugster and Tanga. Check out the below daily deal sites in addition to the ones listed above to find other great product deals in your bargain hunting: