Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Perfect Credit Card

Still looking for the perfect credit card? Well, I've found another great credit card comparison site. It's called

What's great about this site is it doesn't just list various credit cards. It also provides reviews and editor's picks to help you find the best offers.

The site also divides credit cards into some unique categories. Looking for a card tha accommodates balance transfers? Want the most frequent flier miles? You can filter out sites that don't meet these criteria. DeaslforCreditCards offers info on eighteen unique types of cards. Some examples include student cards, rewards cards, customizable cards, gas cards, and low interest cards. There's even a section for people with bad credit or no credit at all!

DealsforCreditCards also offers the unique option to sort cards by credit issuer. In today's challenging economy, it's a smart idea to pick an issuer you trust to back your credit line. The site also offers amazing insight with its dedicated articles forum. I especially liked this article on cash back cards. It really sheds light on the cash vs. points debate.

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