Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mange Your Money with Buxfer

Keeping track of your budget online is one of the most effective ways to keep your finances on track. Of course, several sites have popped up as big winners in the financial management biz, but that one that truly stands out to me is Buxfer. It simplifies the sign-up and login procedure, helps you track IOUs with friends, and shows you exactly where your money is going. Plus, its security is guaranteed and backed by McAffee. Need more info? Here's the top reasons you should use Buxfer:

  1. Sign up with your existing ID from AIM, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and more!
  2. Stay up to date with mobile, iphone, iGoogle, and Facebook updates.
  3. Automatically update your info by linking (securely) to various accounts.
  4. Keep track of group finances (split bills, clubs, IOUs, etc.)
  5. Pay bills online in fewer steps.
  6. Download / upload from other money programs.
  7. Cheap upgrade for cash-flow projections.

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