Friday, January 2, 2009

Green Internships with the SCA

"Going Green" was one of the hottest trends of 2008 and the popularity of environmental issues is unlikely to diminish soon. Not only does this mean new, "green" products on store shelves, but also an increase in the prestige, pay, and sheer amount of "green" jobs. Considering taking your career down the environmentally friendly path? First, you may want to check out a related internship. The SCA (Student Conservation Association) offers amazing internships across the United States. You can work in an array of fields from Education to GPS to Species Control. Positions are offered year round and last at least 12 weeks each. Although the internships are unpaid, you do get a weekly living allowance to cover food, etc. You are also eligibl for housing during the program and an AmeriCorps award up to $4,725.

If any of this sounds interesting, check out the SCA website for more information. Good luck!

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