Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Baking the Healthy Way

Ovens get a lot of use this time of year. When holiday meals roll around, there are plenty of turkeys to roast and hams to glaze. Most importantly, though, there are baked treats to prepare! Whether you are preparing for a festive meal, giving edible gifts, or simply making cookies for santa, odds are you will be baking in the near future. Unfortunately, all the butter, oil, sugar, and cream you add really makes an impact on the nutiritional value of your treats. So, when you do start baking, why not trim some fat and calories from your traditional recipe?

This article is full of simple swaps you can make to lighten up your recipes without losing any flavor!

There are also a lot of great recipe sites where you can find healthier versions of your favorite baked goods. Before you waste time searching through them, though, check out this list I made of some lightened holiday treats:

1. Pumpkin Pie (under 150 calories and only 3 grams of fat)

2. Gingerbread Men (takes less than 10 ingredients and under 100 calories each)

3. Cherry Pie (under 100 calories and loaded with fiber)

4. Mini Panettones (perfect for one and under 250 calories each)

5. Fudge (each piece is under 100 calories and virtually fat-free)

6. Coffee Meringues (less than 20 calories each and fat-free)

7. Snowdrop Cookies (tiny treats under 60 calories)

8. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (great holiday flavors under 100 calories)

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