Friday, December 19, 2008

Finding a Job Abroad

The best time to work abroad is when you are still young and don't have many family ties / commitments holding you back. That's why many 20-somethings choose to spend a year or two working in an overseas position. Some even enjoy their international jobs so much they relocate permanently.

Choosing to work abroad is a great way to gain insight into new cultures, meet interesting people, and, of course, advance your career. With such a wide variety of overseas programs, you can choose to work at top companies in your chosen field, or experience a completely new line of work. Among the most popular industries for international work are education, business, and medicine. However, jobs range widely from farm-hand to marketing executive.

Of course, finding an ideal overseas position can be somewhat more difficult than domestic job searching. First of all, you need to keep in mind the costs of relocating to another country. It's also vital to get the proper authentication (visas, passports, etc.) to work in your nation of choice. Finally, you need to consider the linguistic barriers you may face.

If working overseas is something you are interested in, don't let any of these factors stop you from an overseas experience. There are many programs that facilitate working abroad and can make finding and planning for a job even easier. In fact, some organizations do nearly all the work for you and provide short-term experiences for those not ready to commit to a year or more.

For a list of some places to start your overseas job search, and more tips for the experience, check out this great article from

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